Great Things I Found On The Internet This Week – 30/07/17-05/08/17

Good afternoon everybody, wherever you are around the world. It is a lovely Saturday here in Gloucestershire. The weather is temperamental and the temperature is cool without being cold enough for a jumper just yet. In other words, these are the perfect conditions for writing a fun weekly wrap-up post.

Set your expectation levels to ‘great’.

I’m currently digging into one of those Magnum ice cream pots. The ones that have a ‘shell’ of hard chocolate on the top that you have to crack open.

It is vitally important that everybody knows this.

Anyway, onto the internet’s bounty of greatness!

1. Nicko’s Kitchen: Store Bought vs Homemade

Nicko’s Kitchen is my favourite YouTube cooking show. My brother got me onto it years ago, and I’ve been pretty hooked ever since.

Nicko’s Kitchen started out as a basic cooking show, with Rob Nixon (the mastermind behind it all) showing his viewers how to put together good, tasty dishes. The combination of Nixon’s fun, laid-back Australian-ness (I am very much of the opinion that Australians in the public limelight are few and far-between enough that ‘being Australian’ is always an inevitable selling point) and the simplicity of his delicious recipes (and they are delicious – I have made many of them myself) clearly captured the YouTube community’s attention, as the channel has over a million subscribers today.

I checked in on Nicko’s Kitchen for the first time in a while the other day, and discovered, to my delight, that he has recently started a new series.

Store Bought vs Homemade is a series of videos whereby Rob recreates famous fast foods (KFC Chicken, McDonald’s French Fries, Krispy Kremes, etc.), while his wife, Jess, fetches the original version. They then invite a friend of theirs over, blindfold them, get them to taste test both versions, and decide which they like more. There are all sorts of silly faux-competitive shenanigans between Rob and Jess in the videos as well.

Best of all, Rob usually wins the challenges, which proves that it is possible to make even tastier versions of your favourite fast foods at home.

2. Amazing Cat Jungles

There is this bloke called Stefan Hofmann, based in Germany, who builds custom-made, indoor obstacle courses for cats. Of course the internet cat specialist website i iz cat got wind of this noble man and his noble trade, and decided that his work deserved nothing less than a cyber-gallery.

Be warned, people – these jungle gyms are so epic that you will almost wish you were a cat, just so you can use them. The gallery features several furry equipment testers, and they all seem to be quite impressed.

Well, as impressed as any cat can seem to be.

3. Lush ASMR video

Trust me, people. This video is 31 seconds of visual, and audio, bliss. All it shows are little snippets of the Lush Temple of Truth Bubble Bars being made, but the soft sounds of kneading and moulding are delightful, while the visuals have an equally comforting repetitiveness about them.

I think Lush should make more ASMR-ish videos like this. People like watching things being made in factories. That enjoyment is what makes factory tours so lucrative.

4. Capitu’s Harry/Draco Fanfiction Recs

I admit – I’ve known that this delightful Livejournal existed for a long while now. But I visited it earlier this week for the first time in many weeks, and it is perfectly perfect for one of these lists.

If you’re a fanfiction reader, I am sure you are all-too familiar with the experience of scrolling through or Archive of our Own, on the lookout for something new to read, and not finding anything that grips you after the first few paragraphs. I’ve certainly been there many times.

I am going to assume that Capitu, the noble Harry/Draco fic reader extraordinaire behind this beautiful Livejournal, was also aware of this common frustration, because they took it upon themselves to go out into the wide and far-reaching world of Drarry fanfiction, find the cream of the crop, and recommend it to the rest of us. It is so great to be able to look through a list of fics that have been read and recommended by somebody who lives and breathes the stuff, because there is an implicit guarantee that all of the featured stories will be of good quality.

I can personally vouch for its quality. I have found some of my favourite fics to date on there.

The other great thing about this LJ is that the top-most post has a whole bunch of criteria-tags that you can select to narrow your search. So you can choose your prefered rating, word length, era, genre, content… which means that you can tailor your search with enough accuracy to practically guarantee that you will find something to read that you will enjoy.

This is provided you like the Harry/Draco pairing, of course. But even if you don’t, I’d still suggest giving one of these recommendations a try. Alternatively, see if there is an equivalent list for your OTP.


That’s it for another Saturday. All my love, darlings. <3

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