You name it, and I will write about it.

As a freelance writer, I know that no two jobs are exactly the same. And that is just the way I like it.

My first step with any new writing job is to sit down with my client (either physically or via a witty yet informative string of emails) and discuss exactly what they need me to write. There are some topics in which I have more background knowledge, but believe me when I say that no topic is too unusual or esoteric to produce great content.

What is ‘Content’, Exactly?

In an online business context, content refers to the text, images, videos, sound files, etc. (all of the stuff, basically) available on a website. Unless the website in question specialises in a particular type of content (YouTube, for example, specialises in video content), most of the content on any given website is in some kind of written format. Common types of written content include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Product Pages
  • Information Pages (‘About’ Pages, Tutorials, etc.)
  • Email Newsletters
  • SEO-Friendly Web Content
  • Press Releases
  • Banners/Advertising
  • Social Media Posts

Great written content has the ability to make your business or brand stand out and attract the attention of bigger audiences.

Why Should I Look After Your Content?

Consider this familiar scenario:

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up, and they have told you that they would love to receive a new jacket. As they are your best friend, you naturally know everything about them (their dress size, their sense of style, their views on wearing leather, etc.), but as you have a fairly busy schedule and do not have time to go traipsing through all the shops in your local high street for the perfect garment, you decide to do some research online first.

After employing some impressive Google-fu, you find two jackets that look promising and are around the same price. The product page for the first jacket comes with one small picture of the front of the jacket, a very basic description, a choice of sizes but no size guide to help translate what each size actually means, no product reviews, and no extra information about the jacket material. The product page for the second jacket, meanwhile, comes with half a dozen photos of the jacket from different angles (with some being worn by a model), an enthusiastic description including ideas for how best to wear the garment, a detailed size guide, several product reviews, and two or three bullet points detailing what the jacket is made of and whether or not it is machine-washable.

Which jacket would you go for?

Whether we as consumers are aware of it or not, content matters to us. When a business provides us with appropriate, high-quality online content, we are naturally inclined to believe that the business itself is high-quality and appropriate for our needs. We develop trust in the business and are far more likely to return to it the next time we have a problem we believe the business can solve.

A lot of business owners take it upon themselves, or entrust somebody from an unrelated department, to write their website’s content. But with content being such an integral part of the business, it pays to have somebody who specialises in writing content take care of it. After all, you would not ask an amateur builder to construct a brick-and-mortar storefront, or an amateur advertiser to create an advertisement for TV. Why should writing website content be any different?

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