From My Clients

A Joy to Work With

Gillian Brown's voice is accessible, compassionate and nuanced.  Her work asks complex questions and tackles subjects that are often overlooked in mainstream discourse.  She produces articles that are well-researched and well-written.  Brown is a joy to work with and her articles are some of the most popular articles in our magazine.

Mai'a Medicine Editor, The Body is Not an Apology

Explains Little-Known Products with Ease

Gillian is able to consistently write to deadlines and maintain standards throughout her writing. She has demonstrated the ability to gain the customer/reader's attention and explain tough concepts or little known products to them with ease. Her copy has always been intuitive and able to be succinct and too the point.

Eric Sward Online Manager, Japan Centre

From My Readers

Insightful and Highly Personal

Gillian's writing is insightful and highly personal. She writes directly to the reader without being condescending, and has an individual style which gets her point across directly and clearly. I enjoy reading her articles to become better informed of concepts and perspectives that I would otherwise be missing.

Miranda Debenham Online Operations Manager, Minor Entertainment

Both Captivating and Informative

Gillian is able to be both captivating and informative, with a style that handles serious topics with equal measures of gravitas and irreverence. Her social justice articles strike a perfect balance between entertainment and information, ensuring readers are equipped with the facts without dwelling on minutiae.

Laura Simonite Senior Account Manager

A Delight to Read

Gillian's writing is relatable and human. She shows a high level of understanding of how people's motives and emotions affect their actions and behaviour. A delight to read.

Laura Noble Freelance Graphic Designer

She Makes the Confusing Accessible

Gillian has a rare ability to convey complex topics clearly and simply. She makes the confusing accessible and the unknown familiar by writing with intense honesty that you can't help but sympathise with.

Efi Gauthier